Don’t despair over Brexit, this is an opportunity for the nations

Swansea is a very different place to what I thought it was. Last year, there was a Conservative victory in the Labour stronghold and my home constituency of Gower – albeit by 27 votes – and in the last 24 hours, the county that I have such strong faith in and am so proud of voted to leave the EU.

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Why your vote matters, mattered and will always matter

It is impossible to write this post impartially. But to all those who chose not to vote, or thought that it didn’t matter, I hope you take this to heart – whether you are happy or sad with your new MP and Prime Minister.

For you see, I along with a good part of Great Britain have taken the whole thing very personally indeed: shocked that the current Conservative government has been handed the keys to No. 10 once more – this time without the restraint of the Liberal Democrats.

But it is not just the rule of Westminster that has led to such concern being expressed – this time around it has really hit home. Continue reading